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For Downgrade your personal arts, first set stats at your current levels, then click ԋeep priceԠ, then chose new stats (reduce lvl, change mod). If you wish to recycle (only 0 lvl, 0.4 mod) you will recieve 30 plat per ring/ , 90 per weapon and 60 for all other.

Keep price
Price of up/down-grade (if price was kept):

Source Parameters

Weapon type: Artifact level: Modifier:

Bonus Selection

Damage: /
Chance to hit:
Chance to hit+:

Parameters and requirements

Damage:       -
Chance to hit:      

+Chance to hit
+Chance to cast
+Fire resist
+Cold resist
+Lightning resist
+Health recovery
+Mana recovery
+Magic damage
Requires INT
Requires STR
Requires CON
Requires DEX 

Order total:

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